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Progression raiding loot system

by Zain (Tim), 135 days ago

This post is quite lengthy, but please read it right the way through to the end as it is very important you understand the full reasoning; there is no short summary which can cover all points, so DON'T, for example, skip to "loot priority order" without reading the rest first as it won't make sense.

The guild has now evolved to the next stage, where we have a very strong core of players which will allow us, as a group, to make progress in clearing harder and harder content. To ensure that this evolution continues we need to move away from the "pug a raid" model, and start ensuring that the people who are putting the most in, and helping us gain more and more progress, are aided more than people who put less into it, or whom have yet to show they are ready to be promoted within this core, like other top end progress guilds. This system will also ensure that those more likely to remain active guild members are the ones receiving the loot as it should be, and will ensure that guildies who stick with the guild are guaranteed loot rather than being subject to the "rng god" (which may never go your way), and even on the occassion when you dont get loot directly, your "work" IS rewarded by the items being used by YOUR guild to help with the raids you attend, and so helps you gain access to more bosses and more loot as well, so your time and efforts are never wasted like in pugs where unlucky rolls means you simply wasted your time with randomers you will never see again.

The guild ranks have now been finalised - a summary below:
1. Leveling to 110 - Obviously players under level 110.
2. Dungeoneer - Players who have dinged 110 but whom have not geared themselves enough yet to play a part in raiding (under ilvl 830) and so are expected to self gear via dungeons.
3. NM Raider - Normal Mode Raider: Players who have self geared enough (ilvl 830) that they can take part in guild mythic and mythic+ runs and who will usually be invited to non-progress raids (such as normal mode Emeral Nightmare) but will not yet be invited to progress raids (new bosses in HC or mythic Emerald nightmare).
4. HC Raider - Heroic Raider: Players who have geared to 845+ item level that can take part in high level mythic plus (e.g. 5+) guild runs, who will be invited to normal mode raids, HC mode raids (bosses downed before), and who MAY be invited to progress raids. At this level guild members should be working to prove they are worthy of promotion to Full Raider. HC Raider is the highest rank which can be automatically earned simply by being motivated enough to self gear without having proven you are also a good player.

5. Full Raider - This is the first rank which you can not reach simply by self gearing; to be promoted to full raider you will be attending all (or nearly all) raids, you will always be on time, on discord well before the raid invites start, fully raid ready and prepared to raid until the raid finishes, without complaining about wipes and "suddenly having to go". Full raiders will have learned the tactics for each progress boss properly, and will only very rarely die early in fight, and never make silly mistakes (standing in fire, next to bugs, etc), and full raiders will fully engage with the guild community by reading the guild website forum posts on tactics. Full raiders will ALWAYS be invited to both non-progress raids and progress raids.
6. Progress Raider - the word "progress" in this means "guild progress"; this rank is for people who are Full Raider material who also put overall guild progress at least as equal in importance to their own characters progress, so they will do things like form boosting parties for undergeared raiders who can fill needed roles in the main raid group (without necessarily making any personal gains), they will farm materials for making things like raid buff foods, flasks, etc and donate some to the guild vault. Having a raid ready offspec is a bonus at this rank (for example, a mainspec tank having a dps offspec with a decent number of artifact points in it).
7. Senior Raider - these people are like progress raiders only more so; they put the overall guild progress BEFORE their personal progress. These are the kind of people who, if they find out the raid would be better set up with the addition of a specific class and role, think nothing of rerolling and leveling an alt to fill that role and make it their new main, just to help the guild. Senior Raiders are effectively deputy officers, and will be expected to share irl contact details with officers so that they can provide cover for when officers are offline.
As can be seen with this structure, working your way up the ranks, people of each successive higher rank are putting much more into the guild than people in the rank below them, and helping the guild make progress more. The more you put in the more you can expect to get out of the guild. We need people to be working hard to get promoted because that work helps us all with greater progress. To this end we will now be distributing loot in a different way to the previous method. Ranks will be reflected in our decision of who to give the loot to, but so will BiS stats.

Loot priority order:

Firstly, rank will be considered. Senior raiders and up (officers are grouped in with senior raiders) get first pick, after that (if its not an upgrade) we go down to progress raider, full raider and then everybody else attending.

If multiple people of the same rank would benefit from an item, stats will be considered to see who would get most from it. If, for example, a ring has crit/mastery and that is main stats for people in the rank currently being considered, they will be considered a priority however this may be overridden if they get a very small gain compared to somebody else. Once it gets below these ranks (Raider and Mythic Raider), we will not consider BiS stats etc. and will just allow the highest roll to get it to keep delays sorting loot to a minimum. This means that if you have earned a rank, you earn the gear and special considerations. If you have not earned a rank that involved more than having a certain item level, you are less likely to get an item than those at higher rank but after that you are just as likely as anybody else to get it.

Things to consider: firstly, by having an organised looting system the most active people who are helping the guild the most will gear first, BUT, as they become better geared, the loot will pass down the ladder of ranks, so even people of low rank will end up getting much more loot than they would have with random pugs. In addition, there is NOTHING stopping people putting in the time and effort to get promoted to higher ranks, such that people who work harder can jump to higher ranks than people who have simply been in the guild longer. Simply put - the more you put into working with the guild, the more the guild will reward you! WARNING: swapping gear to make it appear an item is a bigger upgrade for you in the raid WILL be found out, and is an instant guild kick. This system is fair and has been proven by all the top guilds to be the best way for the guild as a while to make progress and clear content.

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